About us

For customers

Tenants are often required to leave their rented property professionally cleaned at the end of their tenancy. Every month thousands of tenants are looking for professional cleaners to get their flat or house professionally cleaned securing that they can get their deposit back.
It is difficult for them to keep looking for reliable businesses and comparing their quotes. It is time-consuming and they often don’t know what they need to check.

We offer tenants 2 services. We offer these services for free hoping that we can help them.
1) They can find on our website a few articles that helps them decide which company to choose.
2) They can submit their quote request on our website that we will distribute between professional cleaning companies and they will receive 3 to 10 quotes for the cleaning. To get quotes go to Get quotes for end of tenancy cleaning

For professional cleaners

Professional cleaning companies may advertise their services at many different pages on the internet but they don’t know how many new requests they are going to receive. They don’t- know if they are going to be available at the time of need. They also don’t know where the customers are going to call from. This makes our site so great that they know these details before paying anything at all. If you are a professional cleaner you can read more about us on the following link: Cleaning companies home page